Refund Policy

Terms and Conditions

We do not offer refunds. All appraisals submitted are researched, checked, and at times triple-checked by another appraiser or antique dealer for accuracy. Michelle is always willing to work with you to answer additional questions about your appraisal item.

Michelle has over three decades of experience in antiques, collectibles, and vintage items. She has conducted thousands of appraisals, her knowledge and insight have been published in numerous national magazines, and specialty papers, has worked with a few archeologists on dig sites, and worked with a detective in resolving a cold case.

Terms and Conditions

Michelle tries to complete appraisals within a few days of receiving the needed photographs and information. Please keep in mind that every appraisal is different and yours may take a bit longer. Michelle will be in contact if her research is going to take a little longer to complete.

Thank you

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